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Our Town 2011/12

 Cheerleading Cougars
Tallahassee, Fl
I. D.Code #: 002


Introducing the Cougar Cheerleading Squad 

Our Town Cheerleading Cougars video.

Our Town Cheerleading Boosters and
CSFCM  have formed an alliance.

"An alliance to support and help the Cougars meet the finaincial demands 
 as they embark on having a successful 2011/12 season."

Our Town Cheerleaders upcoming Events

  A successful season that starts with your appreciated support.

  To help supprt the Cougars.

Go shop.
  Shop for yourself, or others at A&C Mailorder"Your convenient web based neighborhood retail store."

Our Town Cheerleaders and CSFCM are supporters of Make A Wish.

  When you make a purchase at A&C Mailorder and insert 
   the number (002) for the Cougars in A&C's check-out Code Field:

 (1) 50% of the net profit is recieved by Our Town Cheerleading Cougars

     To help support Our Town cheerleaders thru purchases:

    Visit & Shop at: A&C Mailorder
Thank you for your support of Our Town Cheerleading

     Our Town Cheerleading Magazine The Catamount 
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   " CSFCM and A&C like to provide quality information that pertains
     this type of organization."  

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